Airtel TV

Airtel TV

Airtel TV is one of the main service providers for direct satellite streaming in India. This official app allows users to access all their services directly from their Android smartphones. Which means you’ll have all of the channels you’re set up with at home, right in the palm of your hand when you’re out on the go. 

Use this app to enjoy four different channels: Eros Now, HOOQ, Sony LIV and YouTube. These channels will provide you with hours of Bollywood movies, TV series and India’s top shows. Plus, you’ll get to log onto up to 5 different devices at once from your account. That way, anyone in your family can access their favorite content. Create your own playlists to see whatever you’re interested in at any time, without interrupting your family members’ shows.

Some of you may remember a telephone carrier that used to operate in a few countries and that was finally absorbed by Vodafone. No, this app hasn’t got anything to do with that company but is basically an app to watch TV on our phone.

India app to watch online TV on demand

These kinds of apps are becoming more and more popular and although the majority of them offer pirated contents, this one doesn’t as everything is completely legal. Therefore, this Airtel TV: Movies, TV series, Live TV offers the best movies and TV series from India, as well as live sports streams, including cricket, the most popular sport in this Asian country.

These are the main features of this application for Android:

  • Play the trailers of the next premieres.
  • Create lists of your favorite movies.
  • Multi-device access: supports up to 5 different ones.
  • Browse through all the contents sorted by genre: comedy, drama, kids, sports…
  • Resume the programs where you left them off.

The app offers us all the latest premieres and the greatest Bollywood hits of all time, as well as the most popular international TV series such as The Big Bang Theory, Mad Men or The Mentalist.

To be able to enjoy all these contents not only do we have to download the APK but also sign up as a user… and obviously pay a subscription.Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
  • Offers in-app purchases.

Airtel TV: Movies, TV series, Live TV – mobile application, with the help of which users get access to regional (India) and international multimedia content. Basically the app is focused on the audience, geographically, living in South Asia, Although, in view of the, what content is broadcast in fifteen languages, the geography of use of the program significantly wider.

After installation Airtel TV: Movies, TV series, Live TV on the Android mobile device you turn your device into a full-fledged miniature television, which provides broadcasting 350 news channels, provides a collection of over nine thousand movies, broadcasts the most popular TV series and entertainment shows, intelligently splitting the content into adult and children’s.

Functions Airtel TV: Movies, TV series, Live TV according to the business model, providing for subscriptions to user-selected time interval (from one month to one year) and he is interested in the content. The app’s interface divides the available video material on genre categories, offers “smart” search and guarantees excellent quality playback images, in an effort to make viewing comfortable with the small screens of smartphones and tablets.

Thanks to Airtel TV you’ll get to see any show you like in great quality and keep updated on the latest top Bollywood movies — in full HD, no less.

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